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Baby Viviana – An Olmsted Falls Family Session

Being a mom has changed me, you guys! I’m going to be honest for a second. Family sessions haven’t always been my jam. It’s not because I don’t love children. It’s because I didn’t know anything about them. I didn’t know what age kids started to walk, or how breakable they are. I didn’t know when they talk or how long they can sit still for.

But now I do.

And I love Family Sessions now.

I can make your babies giggle. I’ll make animal noises and play Prince or Paw Patrol on my phone all day. and I love it.

You may remember Tianna + Vaughn from their maternity and newborn photos last year with their daughter Viera. I was so excited to learn she was going to be a big sister and that I was going to get to photograph new baby Viviana.

Can I just say that outdoor newborn photos are my new favorite thing? My baby girl Freya LOVES being outside. We’re spending all our time in parks and on trails these days, and it was so much fun to share one of my favorites with this new family of 4.

If you’re looking for family photos for your walls or your Christmas cards, I’d love to chat with you! I’m about to open my calendar for the rest of the year so let’s get it in the books.

Now please enjoy.

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Freya’s Little Nursery

When we bought our house three years ago, I dreamed of turning this little room into the perfect nursery for our first baby. I had color schemes + furniture ideas long before it was time. When I saw those two lines on the test last spring, my heart couldn’t believe that I was finally going to be able to design the nursery of my dreams. When we went to the doctor last summer and heard the words “It’s a girl,” I quickly went to work searching for the perfect “not ballerina, Lisa Frank, or bubblegum” pink.

The only career I can think of that could potentially be as fulfilling as photography would be interior design. My free time is spent scouring Zillow, and all my spending money goes towards wall decor and rugs. This little project is my favorite, not just because I did end up finding the perfect shade of pink , but because I’ve waited for a nursery like this one for a very long time.

I wanted this room to be a calm space for a new baby, and her exhausted parents filled with nature and reminders of the days and prayers it took to get her here. I started with paint colors. We added shiplap to the wall behind her crib to add a little texture to the room. I then decided on this furniture set because of its simplicity and ability to grow with Freya. We slowly added the rug, blinds + curtains, and a new light fixture. We have built in shelves in a handful of spaces within our home, and I’m a big fan of painting the interior of those a darker color to let the items on the shelf shine, so we painted these shelves a maroon color found in the art hanging above the crib.

We filled the rest of the room with personal details like the bookshelves Stephen built. We bought the stuffed alpaca on her shelf the day before we found out we were pregnant. I’ve saved those hexagonal mirrors for years waiting to hang them in a nursery. That “nap time” door hanger hung on my door as a baby, and the rest of the room is filled with our beautiful maternity photos by Drzazga Photo.

My favorite detail in the room just may be the sign hanging above her changing table because it was made with the track and letters from the church sign where my dad pastors. Right now, it reads lyrics from an Andrew Belle song. We saw him live for the second or third time last year on my birthday – the day I told Stephen he was going to be a dad.

I still take a deep breath every time I step into this room.

It’s a constant reminder of answered prayers and of this sweet girl called Freya that we can’t imagine our lives without.

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Shilpi + Nanak – A Cleveland Museum of Art Maternity Session

When I started taking photos so very long ago, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to spend my time, but maternity + newborn photos weren’t even on my radar.

Years later, and countless new families under my belt, I’m just really glad things worked out the way they have, because I get to meet people like Shilpi + Nanak during some of the most special times of their lives.

I can’t wait to meet another little one.

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Baby Jasper | A Cleveland In Home Newborn Session

“I see skies of blue and clouds of white, the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night.
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow. They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world. Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world”

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Alivia & James – A Rocky River Park Maternity Session

Having your picture taken can feel weird sometimes. You’re meeting someone new who’s about to point their camera in your face for an extended period of time. Although this is my job, I try to never forget that the time I spend with my clients is unique and probably not something they’re very used to. I love that the majority of the photos I take involve two people in love, because that usually makes the difference between “What do I do with my hands?” and “This isn’t so bad at all.”

When you love someone, you know what makes them laugh. You know where they’re ticklish. You know just what to do to ease the “I’m getting my photo taken” jitters. James did just that. He had Alivia laughing the whole time. Their undeniable chemistry plus the magic of Ohio’s elusive April sunshine helped me knock this session out of the park.

I can’t wait to see these two become a family of three so soon.

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Baby Caleb – A Cleveland Newborn Session

“Sing to me the song of the stars.
Of Your galaxy dancing and laughing & laughing again.
When it feels like my dreams are so far,
Sing to me of the plans that You have for me over again.”

Baby Caleb-0006Baby Caleb-0005Baby Caleb-0003Baby Caleb-0004Baby Caleb-00011Baby Caleb-0002Baby Caleb-0012Baby Caleb-0007Baby Caleb-00082Baby Caleb-0017Baby Caleb-0009Baby Caleb-00103Baby Caleb-0011Baby Caleb-0018Baby Caleb-0013Baby Caleb-0014Baby Caleb-0015Baby Caleb-0016Baby Caleb-0019Baby Caleb-0021Baby Caleb-0024Baby Caleb-0025Baby Caleb-0020Baby Caleb-0022Baby Caleb-0023

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