What Inspires You – Lose It

      Throughout the week, I come across so many different things that motivate me to become better both as a person, and an artist. In an effort to be a little more personal on the blog, I’m going to start sharing my favorites.

First up is this video for Oh, Wonder’s song Lose It. Go ahead and watch it, I’ll wait.

This video blends so many of the concepts that inspire me so often into a just a few impactful minutes. Let’s break it down.

      1. Art. I’m inspired & influenced by all sorts of art. I love visiting museums, and trying to fathom how a human (just like me!) could have painted such a masterpiece, and a good poem is always appreciated. But aside from photography, I’m most inspired by music. A song can bring me to tears quicker than any written word or painting ever could. This video not only incorporates music that I could listen to all day, but dance! Double win!
      1. Surprise. I LOVE a good surprise. I could watch hidden camera shows all day. (Shout out to my favorite Impractical Joker, Sal!) There’s something so special about seeing someone react to something so out of the ordinary. These dancers had probably rehearsed that routine hundreds of times. At this point, they could do it in their sleep. They’d also probably been on just as many auditions. An empty stage, a table with some judges taking notes. For them, this audition was just like any other. Until it wasn’t.
      1. Passion. As I watched these dancers step on the stage, every sigh & jitter showed me their passion. They cared and you can see it on their faces. They wanted so bad to kill it like all those times they have in the mirror. And they did.
      1. Support. The moment that curtain dropped, it was like a wave of affirmation crashed down on them. Every move those backup dancers made was a whisper of “you got this!” No competition, just encouragement. People helping people to do what they love while having a ton of fun in the process.

Have you recently read a book that stirred something inside you? Or heard a song that spoke to you like nothing else has? I want to know what inspires you!

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