Trust Me, Please.

Sometimes I think about what it would look like to draw a pie chart of the thoughts that consume my brain. There’d be a big slice for my sweet husband, a smaller slice for all the chores to get done around the house, and a tiny sliver for the Project Runway I need to catch up on. But perhaps the largest part would be for the time spent thinking about this business.

I’m constantly reevaluating the way I take photos and run my business. I spend hours sifting through photos taken by both others and myself, trying to decipher what makes a photograph worth looking at. And in all my research, I think I’ve finally gotten somewhere. All of my favorite images have one thing in common. Trust.

Allowing me into your world is a big deal. I don’t take that lightly. Kissing in front of someone with a camera doesn’t usually come naturally. Sometimes the water I ask you to stick your feet in is a little cold, or looking into each others’ eyes feels a little strange. But I’m asking that you trust me.

Because when you do, I promise we can make a little magic.

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