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I believe in strong marriages over beautiful weddings. I hope and pray that all my couples spend the months and years after their wedding day growing closer together.
I want for them to be able to celebrate being with each other in the good times, and the times when it feels like it’s all falling apart.I believe that weddings are inherently beautiful. The act of committing your life to someone is one of the most pure and genuinely exquisite things there is. Everything about a wedding in addition to that covenant is meant to add to the beauty of a wedding day.The last thing that I would ever want my couples to do is plan a wedding filled with dreamy details they found on Pinterest that don’t add a thing to that promise.

So you can imagine how stoked I was to connect withe Rachel and Elijah. They are recently married, and believe so strongly in the concept of meaningful weddings that they started a business dedicated to helping couples create an intentional wedding experience that accurately represents exactly who they are. They’re so obviously in love with each other and being married, and It shows so strongly in these photos. Elijah is an incredible musician, and Rachel is the only yoga teacher that I trust to bend me like a pretzel. So in addition to helping couples with wedding planning, they are bringing their community together through concerts and yoga classes. They’re just really cool people, if you hadn’t noticed.

I was so excited to spend a couple evenings with them in their home and their community.
I like to think that my couples consider me friends after we’ve worked together and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that’s definitely the case with Rachel & Elijah.

To learn more about Rachel & Elijah’s business, TERRA Ohio City, visit their website.

To all my couples planning weddings – do your best to make it meaningful.
To all the married couples out there – do your best to celebrate your marriage.
I’d love to schedule a solidarity session with you to do just that.

Enjoy some of my favorites from my session with my new friends.

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