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If you look hard enough in my parents’ basement, you’ll find pictures of my dad sitting on the floor with me, adorned from head to toe in plastic jewels & gems playing my favorite childhood game – Pretty Pretty Princess. Some families watched movies together, we spent our weeknights trash talking each other during a heated game of Sorry. We knew mom would win at all the word games. (Boggle is her jam) And dad was so good at Balderdash he’d have Webster second guessing himself. Let’s just say board games were our thing. In college, I was lucky enough to find friends that loved playing games as much as I do. We’d spend our Saturday mornings afternoons playing games that we’d made up, and we’d laugh until we cried. (the crying was mostly due to the papers we’d neglected to write all day.) And now, as a married twenty something, we still have many nights filled with Settlers of Catan, and we’ve upped our Boggle game a bit. Now that you’ve learned a bit about my gaming history, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that there is a place, nearly in my own backyard, where the board games are plentiful and the food is delicious.

Enter Tabletop.

Tabletop is a Board Game Cafe in Ohio City. You pay a few bucks and play all the games you want for as long as you want. I’d love to tell you more, but I’d rather you gather a few friends (preferably including myself) and play games until your heart’s content. I promise you’ll have fun.

Here are a few of my favorite images from my shoot at Tabletop. (+ a little something extra at the bottom.)


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