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What Inspires You – We are the Parsons

Ok, it’s time to be honest. This week has been tough. This election crap has really been messing with my head, and frankly, it’s exhausting. I think when big events happen in our lives, and in this case, our country, we tend to reevaluate things. Am I saving enough money? Am I spending enough time with my family? Am I happy with my job? And that’s a lot of what this week has been for me. As I’ve started to think about these things, I’ve discovered some answers I wasn’t expecting.

When I think about the life that I’m living, I’m overcome with happiness. I love our little apartment in the most wonderful little neighborhood. I love our cat and how she squeaks instead of meowing. I have an incredible husband to come home to, and the most comfortable couch there ever was. I’ve got a family who loves me, and food in the fridge. And I’ve made the most amazing friends to share it all with. I really do think that 16 year old me would be so happy with who I am today. I’m also running this business, and it’s nothing short of a dream. It’s what I think about when I wake up, and when I go to sleep. It’s where my mind wanders to in line at the grocery store. I’m constantly evaluating the way I do things, and always trying to improve. I want to create the best photos and experiences for my clients, so I’ve got photos on the brain 24/7.

But I’m slowly starting to see how these two different and wonderful parts of my life aren’t harmonizing as well as they should be. I’m editing photos while I’m catching up with friends on the phone. I’m refreshing my email when Stephen and I sit down to watch TV together. I’m blogging while I eat my dinner instead of sitting and talking about my day with Stephen. Car rides and shopping trips all turn into work time somehow, and that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

So many moons ago, I told you that I was going to start periodically blogging about some of the things that inspire me, and today I’m talking about We are the Parsons, a husband and wife photography team.

I’ve been a fan of their work for a while but it wasn’t until I listened to them on this podcast that I really fell in love with the people they are. They’re genuine and compassionate, and they’re striving to live their lives as present as they can be in all the little moments that matter most. They realized they were missing precious time with their kids because of their focus on Facebook fans and Instagram followers, something I think we can all relate to, so they quit social media. Yes, they quit. Talk about self control…

They’ve reminded me about the things that matter. They’ve helped me discover how to realign my priorities to be more present with the people I love most. What good is my comfortable couch if I never get to share it with Stephen? Why have these amazing friends in my life if I’m not even going to take the time to really listen to the things going on in their life? Running a business takes effort, but I can have a little more control over that effort. I can put my phone away at a certain time each night. I can stop answering emails for dinner. Blogging can wait. The people in my life are what I treasure most, and sometimes I forget to live like that’s true.

Listen to this podcast! Let it remind, realign, and challenge you to live a more present life.

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