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Jazelle & Aaron – A Valley Forge National Park Engagement Session

Sometimes I like to trace the timeline of my life to map out all the things that brought me to this beautiful life I’m living now. It’s amazing to me how one decision can change the course of your life. Moving to Philadelphia was my one decision. When I graduated high school, I packed my bags and headed to a college hundreds of miles from home. If I wouldn’t have made that choice, I never would have met my husband, or the best friends I’ve ever known. I also never would have met Jazelle.

I met Jazelle 6 years ago at a Super Bowl Party. Stephen was living in an apartment with a few of our good friends who decided to throw a party. Our friend Allen had really talked her up, and said that her and I would get along great. He definitely wasn’t wrong.

6 years is a long time. We were both in such different places in our lives. Stephen and I were recently engaged, and I was in the middle of some major health issues that I was really worried about. Jazelle was in school, and hadn’t yet met the love of her life. Soon, I moved away and got married, and Jazelle and I stayed internet friends. I watched her life change from a distance, and she watched my business grow. 6 years after that party, I got to come back to where it all began and meet her other half, Aaron. He’s everything I imagined for her and more.

Jazelle told me that she knew she wanted me to be the one to document it all as soon as she got engaged. Ever want to make me cry? Say something like that to me.

Their November wedding at Terrain can’t come soon enough!

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