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The Solyntjes Family in the Avon Sunflower Field

When planning sessions, especially family sessions, I always recommend that clients choose outfits that “go together” without necessarily “matching” each other. And often times, I get asked to see examples. I’m not sure why because I’m always so great at explaining things. (sarcasm) From now on, when a clients wants to know what they should wear, I just going to send them straight to this blog post because this family has got it going on. (do people still say that?)

Stephen and I have been friends with Chris & Bethany for a while now. If you know their family, then you love their family. And do kids get any cuter than this? Let me know, because I’m leaning towards no.

We spent one of the last 90 degree evenings together, walking through rows and rows of sunflowers. (Don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of this field yet.) ; ) The kids ran around and I happily followed. And when the snow’s so high I won’t want to leave my house, I’ll think back to our session in the sunflower field and remember what a great summer I had.


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Little Jack – An Avon Portrait Session

When I was about 8 years old, I only wanted one thing for my life – to be tiny. I’m not talking lose-a-few-pounds tiny. I mean straight up fit-in-your-pocket tiny. Honey We Shrunk Ourselves was my favorite movie, and The Borrowers wasn’t far behind. The idea of being enveloped by my surroundings was the most wonderful thing my little mind could have dreamt of. I imagine that’s how little Jack felt during the evening we spent at this Sunflower Field*.

Jack’s little personality was as big as the sunflowers towering over him. Every discovery he made came with a brand new expression on his face. And if we looked hard enough, I’m sure we could find a little pocket that would be just his size. ; )

*f you haven’t heard about this gorgeous spot in Avon, you can read all about it here.



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