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Alivia & James – A Rocky River Park Maternity Session

Having your picture taken can feel weird sometimes. You’re meeting someone new who’s about to point their camera in your face for an extended period of time. Although this is my job, I try to never forget that the time I spend with my clients is unique and probably not something they’re very used to. I love that the majority of the photos I take involve two people in love, because that usually makes the difference between “What do I do with my hands?” and “This isn’t so bad at all.”

When you love someone, you know what makes them laugh. You know where they’re ticklish. You know just what to do to ease the “I’m getting my photo taken” jitters. James did just that. He had Alivia laughing the whole time. Their undeniable chemistry plus the magic of Ohio’s elusive April sunshine helped me knock this session out of the park.

I can’t wait to see these two become a family of three so soon.

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Baby Burt – A Rocky River Maternity Session

My maternity session with Katie & Mike was filled with some perfect sunlight, calm water, and the sweet springtime air. What more could I ask for?

Burt Maternity-0003Burt Maternity-0002Burt Maternity-0001Burt Maternity-0005Burt Maternity-0004Burt Maternity-0006Burt Maternity-0007Burt Maternity-0009Untitled-1Burt Maternity-0010Burt Maternity-0013Burt Maternity-0014Burt Maternity-00162
Burt Maternity-0020Burt Maternity-0022Burt Maternity-00183Burt Maternity-0023Burt Maternity-0024Burt Maternity-0025Burt Maternity-0026Burt Maternity-0028Burt Maternity-0029Burt Maternity-0030Burt Maternity-0031Burt Maternity-0032Burt Maternity-0033Burt Maternity-0047Burt Maternity-0034Burt Maternity-0035Burt Maternity-0036Burt Maternity-0037Burt Maternity-0038Burt Maternity-0039Burt Maternity-0041Burt Maternity-0042Burt Maternity-0043Burt Maternity-0048Burt Maternity-0046

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The Bowen Family – A Rocky River Portrait Session

One of the things I’ve loved about starting this business has been connecting with people I haven’t seen in a while. Lauren and I went to high school together. Life took us both out of state for college, and 8 years later, we find ourselves back in the place it all began. I was so excited to meet her husband Dan & their sweet daughter, Hailee.

We, along with the rest of the West side of Cleveland, spent this gorgeous evening at Rocky River park. If I had to pick my favorite thing about Cleveland, it would 100% be Lake Erie. There are so many unexpected spots along the lake that are perfect for these warm evening sunsets. Hailee loved the sand, and I loved her little smile. It was a win all around. : )

With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I’d show you a few of my favorite images of Lauren & Hailee.

Bowen Family-0006Bowen Family-0003Bowen Family-0008Bowen Family-0005Bowen Family-0002Bowen Family-0009

Bowen Family-0011Bowen Family-0007Bowen Family-0010


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