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Zach & Sarah’s Cuyahoga Valley Engagement

I’ve started this blog post about four times now, trying to convey how much I loved this session at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. And each of those times, I’ve fallen short. The morning I spent with Zach and Sarah was filled with everything I could ask for in a session. These two were such troopers. They braved the wind, smiled through the runny noses and numb fingers, climbing every wobbly rock ( & ledge) I asked them to. Zach & Sarah spent one of their very first dates at this park. Getting to know each other, asking all the tough questions. It was only fitting that we come back to celebrate their engagement.

There’s very little that makes me happier than a couple who is willing to trust my crazy vision. We had no agenda, no “must have” have shot list, and nowhere to be but together. That’s the perfect recipe for a little magic.

Zach & Sarah,
Thank you for spending a crazy fun morning with me and allowing me to do my thing. I’m counting down the days until your wedding when we can make some more magic together. <3

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