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Introducing The Solidarity Sessions

Let’s talk about marriage.

I spend quite a bit of time with engaged couples. They’re right in the middle of “Are the tablecloths the same white as the napkins?” and “ Should we rent the limo for 3 hours, or will 2 be enough?”. From the moment the engagement is “Facebook Official” until the last song has been played at the reception, the decisions don’t stop. But when that one day you’ve spent a year planning together is over, what’s left?

I attended a small Christian University where the engagements were abundant, and remaining chapel skips were few. It almost felt as if college was a race, and a wedding was the finish line. Getting married was just what you did. But then college was over, and life was just beginning, and it became more and more clear that the time spent deciding on flowers would have been much better spent discussing your future. Because the friends that kept you close moved a state away, and the classes you had in common are just memories, and now you’re left alone together to work jobs you don’t love to pay the bills you wish you didn’t have.

Weddings are easy. Marriage isn’t.

Being married is both the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever been a part of. We’re two imperfect people trying to be the best we know how for each other. But some days, I really want to watch crappy reality TV, and Stephen really wants to watch football and somebody’s gotta give. It takes sacrifice, and effort, and selflessness. Every day. Marriage is a promise. When we got married nearly 10 years ago, we made a promise in front of our friends, in front of God, and in front of each other that we will do the work that it takes to make our marriage work. That means that even when we don’t feel like loving each other, we choose to love each other. And I’m so lucky that I get to choose to love Stephen every day. Marriage is a big deal. Choosing one person to spend your lifetime with is huge, guys! Your house, and job, and friends will change, but your spouse won’t. Your marriage deserves all your effort. It’s worth it, I promise.

So since marriage is such a big deal, I think we should do more to celebrate it!

Introducing The Solidarity Sessions.

Solidarity: feeling of unity between people who have the same interests & goals.

These are full portrait sessions designed specifically for married couples to celebrate being married. Whether you’re newlyweds, or you’ve spent more years together than apart, your marriage is important. Spend some time together documenting what marriages can look like when they’re treated the way they deserve. Be proud of the effort you’ve put into your marriage. Show it off. Hire a sitter, block out the evening, and let’s take some photos together just like these two did.

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