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A Chat with Megan Cox at Heyday Collective

In the last decade, I’ve taken photos of my brides getting ready in all kinds of places, but the most beautiful might just be Heyday Collective. With its unassuming white brick backdrop, perfectly broken in hardwood floors, and sun drenched sitting area, it’s the most ideal way to begin any wedding day.

When working with my couples, I like to be as helpful as I can throughout their planning process. After photo locations, I’m asked more about my professional opinions on getting ready spaces than any other space we’ll spend time in. And in my professional opinion, it doesn’t get better than this. You’ll have enough to think about when it comes to getting ready for your wedding and booking an airbnb or hastily trying to clean up your mom’s spare bedroom shouldn’t have to be on that list.

I know so many brides are lost when it comes to booking a hair stylist, so consider yourselves found. Not only is the space beautiful, but Megan Cox is a straight up hair goddess, so I wanted to share some of her insight with you! I asked Megan to tell us a little about her, and answer some of instagram’s most pressing bridal hair questions. Here she is.

Hey bride to be! I’m Megan Cox, Heyday Collective’s bridal and styling guru. I’ve specialized in styling and bridal hair artistry from the beginning of my career in hair, officially in 2017. My style can be described as effortlessly textured, perfectly imperfect, and softly romantic. When I’m not pampering brides, you can find me working side by side with Erin Frazee giving women seamless Hand-Tied Hair Extensions.

The morning of your wedding is SO important to me, because it sets the tone for the rest of your big day. Of course I want you to have gorgeous hair, but I also want you to have fun, feel relaxed and stress-free, and be pampered. I might even bust a move with you while listening to your favorite getting-ready tunes. I’m a lover of love, and I enjoy pumping my brides up for how awesome marriage truly is. My husband is my absolute bestie, and I love when brides ask about our wedding day – it makes me so happy to share our wedding details.

I’m every bride’s main point of contact, from the time of the inquiry to the time of their wedding day. No middle man, because all of the little details matter to me. Need vendor recommendations? I got you, girl! I love taking your hair inspiration photos to the next level. Let’s make it your own! Let’s incorporate what you like about each inspiration picture you have and make it into YOUR wedding hair. I know just how special your wedding day is, let me help you make the morning of your wedding one to remember, and make your wedding hair dreams come to life!

Can you speak a little about your approach to bridal hair on a wedding day?
My approach to bridal hair on the wedding day is a little different, and more special than just your typical hair stylist. Sure I want to give you great hair, but I dig a little deeper, it’s more than just the hair for me. I truly care about your wedding morning, the vibe that the room has, the music that’s playing, and I also love helping brides find vendors that are great for them. So much of what’s going on around you will affect the best day of your life, why not also have your dream wedding hair while you’re at it

How far in advance do you recommend an initial inquiry?
These days brides are reaching out a whole year in advance, if not more! My best advice? If you’ve been creeping me on Instagram, you’re engaged and eventually will be looking for a bridal hair specialist, fill out the inquiry form! I always post about my availability on my Instagram, and will probably open booking for 2022, in March of 2021.

How much time should I plan for hair on my wedding day?
This all revolves around your timeline for the rest of your wedding. Some common factors are if you’re doing a first look, if you’re having an early ceremony, and how many people are getting their hair done. I always give my brides an hour in the timeline because I want them to have plenty of time to make sure their hair is just right. I give bridesmaids and moms 30 to 45 minutes each. I make sure to leave extra room at the end for touch-ups, making sure everyone looks and feels amazing! I will always be
flexible and honest about what will be best!

Am I able to get dressed at Heyday, as well?
So glad you asked! YES YES YES. The beauty of getting ready at Heyday is that you can also get gorgeous getting-ready photos! You know, the ones where your mom or MOH is buttoning your dress, or me helping you place your veil in front of our beautiful fireplace.

How many people can you accommodate the morning of my wedding?
I get this question all the time! I will do my best to provide the appropriate number of stylists to accommodate your entire party based on the time you need to be ready for photos. Typically, I will do a bridal party of 5 by myself, and I will add an assistant for over 5.

Can I bring a makeup artist into your space?
Absolutely! Your makeup artist is totally welcome to come into the space! The lighting is perfect for them to make you look glowing! Wanna know something even better? Your photographer and videographer are also welcome! Feel free to add catered refreshments as well, you don’t want to walk down the aisle starving and dehydrated!

Will you come to my venue to do my hair?
I do travel, but honestly I love when bride’s come to our intimate space. Doing a bridal party at the salon is easy for me but my favorite part is watching brides and their bridal party experience the space and all that it has to offer. It’s the bridal party hanging out on our couch drinking mimosas. It’s the MOH going down memory lane with the bride while
she gets her hair done in our comfy stylist’s chairs. It’s the bridal party getting portraits by the fireplace. I can help control the environment at Heyday, making sure it’s exactly what they want it to be!

Of course, I know that not all venues are super close to Heyday, so I like to
accommodate those who are a little further away! That’s why I offer a travel maximum of 45 miles to give those brides the Heyday Experience too.

To learn more about Bridal, or any other service at Heyday Collective including Hand-Tied Hair Extensions, visit www.heydaycollective.com.

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