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Greg + Deana | A Hines Hill Wedding in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

It was the first day that the temperatures had dropped just enough to remind us that fall was coming. Greg + Deana have built their life together. They have two precious kids (you’ll see quite a bit of them soon) who they spent all their most special wedding moments with. If you watch my instagram stories, you may have seen a couple of these photos already. One of my favorite moments of the day was when Greg surprised Deana with a painting of one of her favorite engagement photos. Her face was everything.

I often speak with my clients about the importance of not just the look of their wedding, but the feeling it leaves them with.

Greg + Deana’s wedding had all the elements to make a wedding day feel good. They spent the whole day on this gorgeous property, allowing plenty of time to spend with the ones they love most. I hope that when they look back at these images years from now, it brings them right back to the perfectly “just cool enough” day that they vowed to spend their lives together.

Venue | Hines Hill
Catering | Old Carolina Barbeque
Bride’s Dress | Galleria Gowns
Groom’s Tux | Men’s Wearhouse
Florals | The Petal Place
Desserts | Cake + Donuts
Calligraphy | The Bride
Painting | Melanie Domzalski
DJ | Cleveland Music Group

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Kylie + Paul | A Cuyahoga Valley National Park Engagement Session

Man, this winter’s been brutal. I’m the first one to appreciate a good snow storm, and I really don’t even mind getting bundled up to go outside. I generally really enjoy the winter time. But by the time March rolls around, I just want to be outside again. So on this particular twelve degree day, we did just that.

Kylie + Paul were referred to me by another photographer who wasn’t available to shoot their wedding, but if you ask me, it all feels a little like fate. Their wedding this October is actually on my own wedding anniversary, and if I’m being honest, I turned down a couple weddings for that day because I intended to keep the weekend open to celebrate with my husband. But once I learned all about Kylie + Paul, the wedding they’re having and the kind of people they are, there was no way I could turn them down.

Kylie + Paul live in Wheeling, WV and ventured to the arctic white north for their engagement session. I was so excited to finally meet them, and man they didn’t disappoint. They have no more experience in front of a camera than any other engaged couple, but their chemistry made all the difference. When two people are in love, and they allow themselves to forget about how cold it is, or what’s going on around them for a second, I can get images like these – open mouth laughs, genuine “warm me up” cuddles, and a little taste of what their love looks like in a single still frame. As an added bonus, we got to hang out with my friend Nick. He’s their wedding videographer, and he captured this whole session in motion! I can’t wait to see what kind of magic he worked.

Kylie + Paul,
I had the most incredible time getting to know both of you just a little bit better.
I’m happy to share October 12 with you. <3

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Travis & Stephanie – A Cuyahoga Valley National Park Engagement Session

I recently had the opportunity to attend a photography workshop hosted by a couple of my favorite local photographers, Mallory + Justin. We spent two days in Cuyahoga Valley National Park enjoying each other’s company and learning so much along the way. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel isolated sometimes. I don’t regularly spend time with other photographers, but I soak up every chance I get. These two days away from my routine were just what I needed. We learned so much from each other and we’re all coming out with a few more friends than we started with.

Travis and Stephanie graciously agreed to let us practice our new techniques on them, and they killed it!

Here are a few of my favorite images from our engagement session in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Ps. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll find a list of all the wonderful vendors who made this event possible.

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Sarah & Evan – A Cuyahoga Valley National Park Engagement

It was July 12. Sarah’s boyfriend Evan called to ask if she wanted to go on a hike. They had been together since high school, and had enjoyed many hikes before, but this one would be a little different. She was excited to spend time with Evan but was a little confused when Evan told her not to bring her dog they both loved so much, but she didn’t think too much about it. They strolled through Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and made their way down to Blue Hen Falls – one of their favorite spots. Evan slowly worked up the courage to ask Sarah the most important question of his life. The details are a little fuzzy for both of them but somewhere between the hike down, and the hike back up, Sarah added the prettiest piece of jewelry to her collection.

When Evan, Sarah and I started discussing their engagement photos, we knew we had to make our way back to those falls. We miraculously picked a wonderfully mild winter afternoon in Cleveland, and we made it happen. We braved muddy trails and slippery rocks and every bit of it was worth it.

He loves her big smile, and she loves his big personality.

I can’t wait to watch as they promise their lives together in September.


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Zach & Sarah’s Cuyahoga Valley Engagement

I’ve started this blog post about four times now, trying to convey how much I loved this session at Cuyahoga Valley National Park. And each of those times, I’ve fallen short. The morning I spent with Zach and Sarah was filled with everything I could ask for in a session. These two were such troopers. They braved the wind, smiled through the runny noses and numb fingers, climbing every wobbly rock ( & ledge) I asked them to. Zach & Sarah spent one of their very first dates at this park. Getting to know each other, asking all the tough questions. It was only fitting that we come back to celebrate their engagement.

There’s very little that makes me happier than a couple who is willing to trust my crazy vision. We had no agenda, no “must have” have shot list, and nowhere to be but together. That’s the perfect recipe for a little magic.

Zach & Sarah,
Thank you for spending a crazy fun morning with me and allowing me to do my thing. I’m counting down the days until your wedding when we can make some more magic together. <3

Zach & Sarah-0004Zach & Sarah-0005Zach & Sarah-0051Zach & Sarah-0001Zach & Sarah-0012Zach & Sarah-0014Zach & Sarah-0015Zach & Sarah-0016Zach & Sarah-0011Zach & Sarah-0013Zach & Sarah-0007Zach & Sarah-0009Zach & Sarah-0010Zach & Sarah-0006Zach & Sarah-0040Zach & Sarah-0028Zach & Sarah-0027Zach & Sarah-0044Zach & Sarah-0025Zach & Sarah-0026Zach & Sarah-0018Zach & Sarah-0042Zach & Sarah-0021Zach & Sarah-0022Zach & Sarah-0023Zach & Sarah-0020Zach & Sarah-0019Zach & Sarah-0048Zach & Sarah-0029Zach & Sarah-0030Zach & Sarah-0031Zach & Sarah-0032Zach & Sarah-0033Zach & Sarah-0038Zach & Sarah-0036Zach & Sarah-0035Zach & Sarah-0034

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