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Greg + Deana – An Ohio University Engagement Session in Athens

Man, it feels good to be back.

The new year is one of the things I live for. My heart loves change, and January 1st is just what it needed. The last 4 months or so of every year get a little crazy for me, but never have I experienced busy like the end of 2018. I was shooting constantly, and editing every moment that I wasn’t, I was editing. If you know me in real life, you know that I generally feel most fulfilled when I’m working , but as I slowed things down in December and really began to evaluate the last 12 months, I realized that I was creating habits that I didn’t want to bring into the new year. I had given up all my weekends for work. Most weekdays looked like 12 hours in front of the computer. I was a slave to my phone – checking emails and DM’s while I ate dinner, and as I was falling asleep. I put work before most other things, and left myself without any time of my own.

Transitioning into full time photography has been the most wonderful + challenging things I’ve done in a while. Every day, I get out of bed so excited to begin my day – grateful is an understatement. But it’s also forced me to look far deeper into myself and my strengths + weaknesses than I ever have. Have you done that lately? It’s not much fun. I’m finding the ways that I fall short at the expense of no one but myself.

So this year, things are going to change a little.

In an effort to be the best Allison + photographer I can be this year I’ve decided to implement a couple new boundaries for myself.

I’ve decided not to schedule anything on Sundays.
Sunday weddings are the only exception.
Because of this, weekends are going to book up a little extra fast,
so it’s safest to contact me about 8-12 weeks before you’d like to schedule your session!

This year, I’m actually going to keep business hours.
No more 10pm emails for this girl.

Not only do I want to be a more balanced human being, but I’d like to be the best for my clients and I know that I can’t do that unless I’m taking care of myself. I hope you’ve found ways to be kinder to yourself this year, as well.
Ok, that’s certainly enough about me.

Let’s talk about Greg + Deana.

One of the incredible couples I got to work with last year was Greg + Deana. Greg is a videographer and he happened to be shooting a wedding alongside me. (I’ll be blogging that one, too!) We exchanged information at the end of the night, and a few weeks later, we all drove down to Athens for their engagement session! Greg + Deana met at Ohio University, and wanted to take their engagement photos in the town that’s so special to them. We woke up before the sun, and I thanked the heavens for this gorgeous fog that made an appearance just for us. We stopped at the bar where they had their first date, and walked through campus together. I know I say this way too much, but this was one of my favorite sessions of the year!

Greg + Deana, I can’t wait for your Hines Hill wedding next year!


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