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Freya’s Little Nursery

When we bought our house three years ago, I dreamed of turning this little room into the perfect nursery for our first baby. I had color schemes + furniture ideas long before it was time. When I saw those two lines on the test last spring, my heart couldn’t believe that I was finally going to be able to design the nursery of my dreams. When we went to the doctor last summer and heard the words “It’s a girl,” I quickly went to work searching for the perfect “not ballerina, Lisa Frank, or bubblegum” pink.

The only career I can think of that could potentially be as fulfilling as photography would be interior design. My free time is spent scouring Zillow, and all my spending money goes towards wall decor and rugs. This little project is my favorite, not just because I did end up finding the perfect shade of pink , but because I’ve waited for a nursery like this one for a very long time.

I wanted this room to be a calm space for a new baby, and her exhausted parents filled with nature and reminders of the days and prayers it took to get her here. I started with paint colors. We added shiplap to the wall behind her crib to add a little texture to the room. I then decided on this furniture set because of its simplicity and ability to grow with Freya. We slowly added the rug, blinds + curtains, and a new light fixture. We have built in shelves in a handful of spaces within our home, and I’m a big fan of painting the interior of those a darker color to let the items on the shelf shine, so we painted these shelves a maroon color found in the art hanging above the crib.

We filled the rest of the room with personal details like the bookshelves Stephen built. We bought the stuffed alpaca on her shelf the day before we found out we were pregnant. I’ve saved those hexagonal mirrors for years waiting to hang them in a nursery. That “nap time” door hanger hung on my door as a baby, and the rest of the room is filled with our beautiful maternity photos by Drzazga Photo.

My favorite detail in the room just may be the sign hanging above her changing table because it was made with the track and letters from the church sign where my dad pastors. Right now, it reads lyrics from an Andrew Belle song. We saw him live for the second or third time last year on my birthday – the day I told Stephen he was going to be a dad.

I still take a deep breath every time I step into this room.

It’s a constant reminder of answered prayers and of this sweet girl called Freya that we can’t imagine our lives without.

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Mike + Denise | A Mooreland Mansion Wedding in Willoughby, Ohio

This was a wedding two years in the making for me. As soon as I heard Mike + Denise’s vision for what they wanted it to be, I was in.

Denise is a wedding planner, and it showed in every tiny, personalized detail – from their homemade jam as wedding favors to the way they honored all their family before them. Mooreland Mansion was the perfect setting for their perfect day.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. After years of shooting countless weddings, there are still [frequent] moments that make me cry. During their first look, Mike + Denise read each other some of the most thoughtful, meaningful, and well written words I’ve ever heard. I cried my way through the whole thing.

When I get to spend my weekends at weddings as special as this one, it’s a challenge to make sure my photos do these moments justice. I hope that as you scroll through these images, you’ll feel just a portion of the emotions that were present this day.





Venue | Mooreland Mansion
Catering | Normandy Catering
Hair + Makeup | Blushing Beauty Salon
Bride’s Dress | BHLDN
Groom’s Tux | Macy’s
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Bella Bridesmaids
Florist | Amanda Joy Events
Desserts | Hummingbird Bake Shop, Mason’s Creamery
Stationery | Minted, Beacon Lane, Paper Love Club
Videographer | JV Weddings
DJ | A Bride’s DJ

Other Vendors | Fiber + Gloss, Nuage Designs, Wedding Chairs, Mineralogy, Mejuri


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The Bowen Family | A Berea Family Photo Session at Coe Lake

I’ve known Lauren for about 13 years now. We went to the same high school, and most of our time together was probably spent in the dark room. Over the years, we’ve kept in touch and I’m so glad we have. I’ve loved watching her sweet family grow (one perfect little one at a time), and navigating some of the tough stuff life throws our way together.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Photographing friends is my favorite.

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Maryana – A Cleveland Portrait Session

I believe that I was born to create. As a kid, I would count down the minutes until art class when I could get lost in my latest project. I liked getting messy, and it didn’t matter to me if anyone understood what I made, as long as I was proud. Before I had ever used a camera, I knew that art and creativity would be a huge part of what my life would become. I remember sitting at the plastic table in the corner of our dining room when I was only 3 or 4 making Sesame Street sand art with my mom and when my dad taught me how to use his old cameras in our backyard. I always had a new hobby – jewelry making, watercolor painting, songwriting – you name it, I tried it. For me, creating was about freedom. It didn’t have anything to do with reading books or memorizing answers for a test. I wasn’t graded, no one told me I was doing it wrong. It was something for me to be proud of.

As I’ve grown older, that feeling has only gotten stronger. I fell in love with experimental videography in college, and I still make short videos that no one will ever see, because they’re for me to be proud of. But my world truly expanded when I discovered how much I loved photography.

Over the past year or so, I’ve realized that I’m creating so much less for myself than I ever have. I’ve gotten to meet and work with so many great clients, and I’ve taken photos that I’m so ridiculously proud of. But I’ve lost a little bit of the art that made me fall in love with photography all those years ago. Creating for myself means taking photos around the house, or experimenting with new techniques. It’s creating content that may never see the light of day and being totally okay with that, because it’s just for me.

So right now, I’m promising myself that in between the sessions that I’m so excited about this year, I’m going to create things that

inspire me.
people may not understand.
get a little weird.

This was my start.

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The Wengerd Family – A Cleveland Portrait Session

A couple weeks ago, my dad gathered some of the most important people in my mom’s life into one balloon filled room and surprised her. It wasn’t her birthday. It wasn’t their anniversary. It was a party just to celebrate how wonderful my mom is every day of the year. (#goals, am I right?) Her friends came from all over the state. There were people who are in her life now, and people who meant so much to her many years ago. But I think she’d agree that the most special guests at the party were the four people in these photos. (ya know, because she gets to see me all the time.) : )

This is my brother and his sweet family. Although we’re not super close in age, we’re so much alike it scares me sometimes. Matthew moved away to Florida seventeen years ago. Since then, he has married his high school sweetheart and had two (as you’ll see) adorable kids who call us Aunt Allison & Uncle Stephen. (or sometimes Aunt Raspberry & Uncle Milk) They drove all the way from Florida to surprise my mom and I’ll never forget her face when she saw them.

They spent about 10 days with us, and every day was packed with all things Cleveland. (If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a little of our Zoo trip.) We watched fireworks, and toured downtown. We went swimming and shopped a little too much. We had sleepovers and listened to “bacon pancakes” about 40 times too many. But we loved every moment of it.

Visits are always farther apart than we’d like, and they never seem long enough. But I’m so glad for the memories that were made last week.
Here is the Wengerd family.

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