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Mike + Denise | A Mooreland Mansion Wedding in Willoughby, Ohio

This was a wedding two years in the making for me. As soon as I heard Mike + Denise’s vision for what they wanted it to be, I was in.

Denise is a wedding planner, and it showed in every tiny, personalized detail – from their homemade jam as wedding favors to the way they honored all their family before them. Mooreland Mansion was the perfect setting for their perfect day.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. After years of shooting countless weddings, there are still [frequent] moments that make me cry. During their first look, Mike + Denise read each other some of the most thoughtful, meaningful, and well written words I’ve ever heard. I cried my way through the whole thing.

When I get to spend my weekends at weddings as special as this one, it’s a challenge to make sure my photos do these moments justice. I hope that as you scroll through these images, you’ll feel just a portion of the emotions that were present this day.





Venue | Mooreland Mansion
Catering | Normandy Catering
Hair + Makeup | Blushing Beauty Salon
Bride’s Dress | BHLDN
Groom’s Tux | Macy’s
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Bella Bridesmaids
Florist | Amanda Joy Events
Desserts | Hummingbird Bake Shop, Mason’s Creamery
Stationery | Minted, Beacon Lane, Paper Love Club
Videographer | JV Weddings
DJ | A Bride’s DJ

Other Vendors | Fiber + Gloss, Nuage Designs, Wedding Chairs, Mineralogy, Mejuri


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Kylie + Paul | A Cuyahoga Valley National Park Engagement Session

Man, this winter’s been brutal. I’m the first one to appreciate a good snow storm, and I really don’t even mind getting bundled up to go outside. I generally really enjoy the winter time. But by the time March rolls around, I just want to be outside again. So on this particular twelve degree day, we did just that.

Kylie + Paul were referred to me by another photographer who wasn’t available to shoot their wedding, but if you ask me, it all feels a little like fate. Their wedding this October is actually on my own wedding anniversary, and if I’m being honest, I turned down a couple weddings for that day because I intended to keep the weekend open to celebrate with my husband. But once I learned all about Kylie + Paul, the wedding they’re having and the kind of people they are, there was no way I could turn them down.

Kylie + Paul live in Wheeling, WV and ventured to the arctic white north for their engagement session. I was so excited to finally meet them, and man they didn’t disappoint. They have no more experience in front of a camera than any other engaged couple, but their chemistry made all the difference. When two people are in love, and they allow themselves to forget about how cold it is, or what’s going on around them for a second, I can get images like these – open mouth laughs, genuine “warm me up” cuddles, and a little taste of what their love looks like in a single still frame. As an added bonus, we got to hang out with my friend Nick. He’s their wedding videographer, and he captured this whole session in motion! I can’t wait to see what kind of magic he worked.

Kylie + Paul,
I had the most incredible time getting to know both of you just a little bit better.
I’m happy to share October 12 with you. <3

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Prints & Products That Tell Your Story

Have you ever looked through your parents’ wedding album? There’s something so special about seeing where it all began. Comparing the dress you just bought to the one your mom wore 30 years ago. Or seeing old photos of your uncle with a moustache and your aunt in all her shoulder padded bridesmaid glory. Something about these photos brings it all back. I bet your dad can remember the funniest parts of his best man’s speech. Your mom can almost smell her bouquet again. Prints & albums have a way of recalling those memories that may otherwise be forgotten.

This is true for so many different parts of your life. Your family will never be the same as they are now. Your kids will grow older, and they’ll get haircuts and braces. They’ll grow taller than you and soon your sweet girl won’t fit into her polkadot dress anymore. These are the times to remember.
When I’m taking your photos, I’m thinking about all of these things.

The photos I take are meant to live longer than you do,

and if they live on a screen, that won’t happen.

Prints & products are an investment.

In your family.

In your love.

In your legacy.



Covered in an array of luxurious European fabrics, this book looks like a million bucks.

Your curated love story in 10 spreads.


10 spreads (20 pages) & your names on the soft, suede cover.
Standard Album size is 10×10 with additional size options available.

The Process:

To begin the process of album design, just send me an email at hello@thislovelylight.com Once we’ve decided on your cover material, I’ll ask for a handful of your favorite images from your wedding or session. From there, I’ll add in some of my favorites that help to tell your story. I’ll send you a mockup of your album, you can make one round of changes, and we’ll get it ordered.


The best time to order an album is within 6 months from the time you receive your gallery.

Once we’ve finalized our design, your album should arrive within 4-6 weeks.


Just the same as our classic album, but a little bit smaller.

(These are also perfect for portraits sessions.)

8 x 6 or 8 x 8 | 10 spreads | Cover inscription


Stunning matte canvas, reclaimed wood, jute & copper accents.

The Process:

To order a Lagniappe Canvas, just send me an email at hello@thislovelylight.com.


This stunning brass and glass box includes 100 of your favorite 5 x 7 prints from your wedding day or session.

Meant to sit on a coffee table or shelf, or as a family heirloom to be passed on for generations to come.

*Please note that there are only 20 fine art prints pictured in the box above.


Prints can be ordered individually through your gallery.

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Evan & Sarah’s Windows on the River Wedding

“Like a river flows so surely to the sea,
Oh my darling so it goes, some things are meant to be.
So won’t you please just take my hand, and take my whole life too.
‘Cause I can’t help falling in love, in love with you.”

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Bekah & Andrew – A Rocky River Maternity Session

“In open fields of wild flowers, she breathes the air and flies away.
She thanks her Jesus for the daisies and the roses in no simple language.

Someday she’ll understand the meaning of it all.”

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Matthew & Amanda – A Bay Village Engagement Session

It was the perfect summer night on the lake. We played some Copeland, walked through the perfectly unkept grass, and smelled the water’s air.

In the woods & on the beach.

Matthew & Amanda.

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Zach & Kayla’s Hinckley Reservation Engagement Session

I met Kayla for Coffee a few months ago. When we sat down, I didn’t know anything about her, but by the time we were finished, she felt like a friend. She began explaining why she liked my work so much, and as she was talking, I realized she understood my vision & style better than anyone else I’ve worked with. She totally got me. When I left our coffee date that day, I knew we were going to make a great team.

Kayla & Zach decided on a sunrise session. (Have I told you how much I love those? Oh, I have? My bad.) They picked the per-fect location – like stuff out of my dreams. These yellow flowers? Does it get any better? As we began shooting, we realized pretty quickly that our sunrise session was becoming a sun-taking-its-time-to-get-out-of-bed session. We didn’t see much of the sun at all that day, but if you can’t tell, we didn’t mind. The fog stuck around longer than normal on September mornings, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Kayla, you’re going to make such a beautiful bride, and Zach a handsome groom. You two deserve each other in the best of ways.

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Introducing The Solidarity Sessions

Let’s talk about marriage.

I spend quite a bit of time with engaged couples. They’re right in the middle of “Are the tablecloths the same white as the napkins?” and “ Should we rent the limo for 3 hours, or will 2 be enough?”. From the moment the engagement is “Facebook Official” until the last song has been played at the reception, the decisions don’t stop. But when that one day you’ve spent a year planning together is over, what’s left?

I attended a small Christian University where the engagements were abundant, and remaining chapel skips were few. It almost felt as if college was a race, and a wedding was the finish line. Getting married was just what you did. But then college was over, and life was just beginning, and it became more and more clear that the time spent deciding on flowers would have been much better spent discussing your future. Because the friends that kept you close moved a state away, and the classes you had in common are just memories, and now you’re left alone together to work jobs you don’t love to pay the bills you wish you didn’t have.

Weddings are easy. Marriage isn’t.

Being married is both the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever been a part of. We’re two imperfect people trying to be the best we know how for each other. But some days, I really want to watch crappy reality TV, and Stephen really wants to watch football and somebody’s gotta give. It takes sacrifice, and effort, and selflessness. Every day. Marriage is a promise. When we got married nearly 10 years ago, we made a promise in front of our friends, in front of God, and in front of each other that we will do the work that it takes to make our marriage work. That means that even when we don’t feel like loving each other, we choose to love each other. And I’m so lucky that I get to choose to love Stephen every day. Marriage is a big deal. Choosing one person to spend your lifetime with is huge, guys! Your house, and job, and friends will change, but your spouse won’t. Your marriage deserves all your effort. It’s worth it, I promise.

So since marriage is such a big deal, I think we should do more to celebrate it!

Introducing The Solidarity Sessions.

Solidarity: feeling of unity between people who have the same interests & goals.

These are full portrait sessions designed specifically for married couples to celebrate being married. Whether you’re newlyweds, or you’ve spent more years together than apart, your marriage is important. Spend some time together documenting what marriages can look like when they’re treated the way they deserve. Be proud of the effort you’ve put into your marriage. Show it off. Hire a sitter, block out the evening, and let’s take some photos together just like these two did.

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John & Danielle’s Rocky River Reservation Engagement

In a haze of stormy haze, I’ll be around.
I’ll be loving you always, always.
Here I am and I take my time.
Here I am and I’ll wait in line always.

John & Danielle-0007John & Danielle-0008John & Danielle-00091John & Danielle-0011John & Danielle-0010John & Danielle-00124John & Danielle-0013John & Danielle-0014John & Danielle-0022John & Danielle-0015John & Danielle-00202John & Danielle-00163John & Danielle-0019John & Danielle-0021John & Danielle-0017John & Danielle-0018

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