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10 Years + Forever.

On Monday September 15, 2008 in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, a sweet, quiet boy took my hand as we sat on an old picnic table and he asked if I would be his girlfriend. My romance loving heart just knew this is how my greatest love story would begin. I was seventeen and had just started my first semester as a college freshman 400 miles from home. Against all the well-meaning advice I’d heard before I left, I fell fast and I fell hard. (I mean, with this hair, can you really blame me?) I just knew there was something special about this one. Maybe it was the loyal friend that he was to the people he cared about – the way he’d give you the last dollar in his pocket if he knew it would help. It could have been the sincerity in his words – that when he told me he loved me for the first time at that beach in Maryland, somehow I just had no doubt that he meant it with everything inside of him. I knew he was the one for me. Those first few years were tough. But man, we loved each other so hard through them. He was my family long before it was official. It’s been 10 years and there are some things that I’d like to go back and say to seventeen year old me.

To 2008 Allison,
This cute boy on the picnic table with you is asking a question that will change your life forever. I know you just met him, but sometimes you need to trust your gut. He’s as wonderful as you think he is. Nothing is an act with him – he’s as genuine as they come. He’ll come out of his shell little by little and every new thing you learn about him will make you fall deeper in love. He’ll cut his hair and grow a beard, and you’ll love that, too. You’ll spend the next few years comparing your relationship to the ones around you. That’s wasted time. People will get engaged before you do, and that’s okay because when it’s your turn, it will be everything your heart could have wanted. If you could see what’s ahead for you, you’d quiet your analytical mind, and breathe a sigh of great relief. It only gets better from here. You think he’s a good boyfriend, but I can’t wait for you to see the husband he’ll be for you.

You have no idea what a beautiful life is in store.

This weekend, we took some time to celebrate 10 years of us. We got to spend some time at our sweet friend, Elijah’s cabin. (He has a brand new album out that you can find here.) We hiked and explored new cities together. We played games by the fire. & we reflected on the last 10 years together.

These days, life has fewer ups and downs than those first years did. There’s a little more monotony, and a lot more responsibility. But that love that began 10 years ago has evolved into something with so much more depth + dimension than I ever could have imagined. The most exciting part of it all is that we believe our best is still yet to come.

Here are some photos from our weekend away.
PS. You can stay in this perfect little cabin, too! 


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