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Sarah & Evan – A Cuyahoga Valley National Park Engagement

It was July 12. Sarah’s boyfriend Evan called to ask if she wanted to go on a hike. They had been together since high school, and had enjoyed many hikes before, but this one would be a little different. She was excited to spend time with Evan but was a little confused when Evan told her not to bring her dog they both loved so much, but she didn’t think too much about it. They strolled through Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and made their way down to Blue Hen Falls – one of their favorite spots. Evan slowly worked up the courage to ask Sarah the most important question of his life. The details are a little fuzzy for both of them but somewhere between the hike down, and the hike back up, Sarah added the prettiest piece of jewelry to her collection.

When Evan, Sarah and I started discussing their engagement photos, we knew we had to make our way back to those falls. We miraculously picked a wonderfully mild winter afternoon in Cleveland, and we made it happen. We braved muddy trails and slippery rocks and every bit of it was worth it.

He loves her big smile, and she loves his big personality.

I can’t wait to watch as they promise their lives together in September.


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