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To 2016


I love a fresh start. Every Monday morning is a chance to reset, but January firsts are a little extra special to me. It’s a chance for me to evaluate the year I’ve just had – what worked both professionally and personally – and look forward to a brand new chance to become who I want to be. I’m not much for resolutions, but I am for making tiny lasting changes.

Ironically, one of my professional goals this year is to get a little more personal. I’m not generally a private person, but that doesn’t always come across here. I share quite a bit about the couples I photograph, and about the things going on with my business, but I rarely share with everyone what’s going on in my life personally. So, at the risk of exposing my peculiarity, I think today’s a pretty great day to start.

Every year, I try to pick a word to focus on. My word for 2015 was contentment. There were times I didn’t get it right but I’m further along than I was a year ago, and I’ll call that a win.

My word for 2016 is grace. I’m not always the quickest to extend grace to anyone – including myself. This year, that changes.

I’ve got a few other little things that I’m going to try and work on.

I’d like to listen to more music & podcasts than I watch TV.
I want to go out even when I don’t feel like it. (three cheers for homebodies!)
I’d like to read more. (library fines are paid off!)
More cooking, less eating out. (not particularly excited about this one.)
I want to turn some acquaintances into friends. (if any of my acquaintances are out there, hit me up.)
More face to face time, less face to screen time.
More love & laughs, less worry & stress.
People > things, God > all.

We were created to be people who learn from our mistakes and work towards bettering ourselves. What would you like your 2016 to look like?

Does it have more friends & family in it? Does it look like a new career, or a different house? Does your 2016 involve giving more generously, or being kinder to your coworkers? Does it look like spending more time with your kids, or your parents? Does it include learning about where you came from, or about why you’re here?

Whatever your better year looks like, I urge you to work towards that. Let your ideal year guide the decisions you make. I hope that on January 1st, 2017, you can say you’re a little closer to where you want to be.

So tell me, what would you like your 2016 to look like?

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