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Why doesn’t anyone tell you how hard it’s going to be to make good friends after college? One day, we’re down the hall from each other and the next, we’re 400 miles apart. In the three and half years that Stephen and I have been married, that’s been one of the biggest adjustments we’ve had to make. We make skype dates, and we go on annual camping trips, but what about those nights where you really just want someone to play Settlers of Catan, or watch the Bachelor with?

When we were looking for a church to attend, that was something we really thought about. Not only were we looking for a church whose beliefs aligned with ours, but we were looking for community. We wanted to be a part of a group that experienced life together. We wanted people to pray with us when times are hard, and celebrate with us when life is good.

Our first Sunday at Renew was last summer. We felt at home almost immediately. Since then, we’ve met some of our favorite people. We’ve eaten meals together, talked about God together, and tonight I’m hosting a Bachelor Finale party at our house. We’ve found the community we were looking for in Renew. If you’re interested in learning more about Renew, you can check out their brand new website, but I’d rather you just come with us on Sunday. : )

 My friend Chris asked me to spend a few Sundays photographing what goes on at Renew. Here are some of my favorite images.

Worship at Renew CommunitiesRewew Communities ChurchWorship at Renew CommunitiesNEW-0003NEW-0002Worship at Renew Communities ChurchWorship at Renew CommunitiesNEW-0004Renew Communities church servicePastor at Renew CommunitiesPastor Andy SikoraNEW-0001preaching at Renew CommunitiesPastor Andy Sikora preachingNEW-0006Pastor Andy Sikora at RenewChris Solyntjes at RenewRewew Communities ChurchChris & Bethany Solyntjes at RenewChris & Bethany Solyntjes at RenewNEW-0005

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