Melody & Dan’s New Jersey Wedding

Every once in a while, there are people that come into our lives and change us for the better, just by being who they are. Melody is one of those people.

 We met in college. I wish I could remember the exact moment. We were both studying in the male dominated digital media program, so we became a natural pair. We spent hours producing a podcast focused on our favorite musicians. We pulled quite a few all nighters trying to get our experimental video synced up perfectly with its carefully curated soundtrack. We would rock chapel production together. Looking back on those busy, wonderful, stressful, exciting years, I am so grateful that Melody was a part of it all.

I met Dan about five minutes before he was about to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. His excitement told me everything I needed to know about him. He couldn’t wait a minute longer. Every jitter and nerve was proof of just how much he loves Melody. They fit like a puzzle that’s spent its whole existence waiting to be put together.

Melody & Dan, You are two of the sweetest people I’ve met, and the love that I saw from your guests is proof of that. We’re all better for knowing you. I pray that your marriage is better than you can dream, and your lives are fuller than you could have hoped.

(& Melody, you’ll always be my Lilikoi.)

 ps. This wedding was a little extra special because my longtime friend, Kate got to shoot with me. Some of the images you’ll see below are hers.


Melody & Daniel-00058Melody & Daniel-0001Melody & Daniel-0004Melody & Daniel-00069Melody & Daniel-00031Melody & Daniel-0002Melody & Daniel-0008Melody & Daniel-0011Melody & Daniel-0009Melody & Daniel-0010Melody & Daniel-0016Melody & Daniel-0012Melody & Daniel-0013Melody & Daniel-00147Melody & Daniel-00153Melody & Daniel-001910Melody & Daniel-0021Melody & Daniel-0020Melody & Daniel-0017Melody & Daniel-0018Melody & Daniel-0022Melody & Daniel-0033


Melody & Daniel-0023Melody & Daniel-0024Melody & Daniel-0025Melody & Daniel-00264Melody & Daniel-0900Melody & Daniel-0030Melody & Daniel-00315Melody & Daniel-0029Melody & Daniel-0027Melody & Daniel-0032Melody & Daniel-0028Melody & Daniel-0038Melody & Daniel-00406Melody & Daniel-0039Melody & Daniel-0037Melody & Daniel-0036Melody & Daniel-0035Melody & Daniel-004113Melody & Daniel-0042Melody & Daniel-0043Melody & Daniel-0044Melody & Daniel-0045Melody & Daniel-0047Melody & Daniel-0049Melody & Daniel-0056Melody & Daniel-0050Melody & Daniel-0053Melody & Daniel-0052Melody & Daniel-0051Melody & Daniel-0055Melody & Daniel-0058Melody & Daniel-0059Melody & Daniel-0060Melody & Daniel-0061Melody & Daniel-005714Melody & Daniel-0062Melody & Daniel-0063Melody & Daniel-0065Melody & Daniel-0064Melody & Daniel-0069Melody & Daniel-0068Melody & Daniel-0066Melody & Daniel-0067Melody & Daniel-0071Melody & Daniel-0073Melody & Daniel-0072Melody & Daniel-0070Melody & Daniel-0074Melody & Daniel-0076Melody & Daniel-0075Melody & Daniel-007715Melody & Daniel-0081Melody & Daniel-008317Melody & Daniel-008016Melody & Daniel-008618Melody & Daniel-0085Melody & Daniel-0079Melody & Daniel-0088Melody & Daniel-008719Melody & Daniel-0089Melody & Daniel-0084Melody & Daniel-0082

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