Lauren & Corey – A Lakewood Engagement Session

If I had to choose my favorite part about living in Cleveland, it would hands down be Lake Erie. There’s something so calming about the water, even on 30 degree mornings like this one. Lauren & Corey braved the cold cold wind, and woke up early with me to watch the sun rise behind the skyline. Lakewood park is like a little piece of Northern Ohio heaven, and I learned it’s even more special to these two lovebirds.

Lauren & Corey met at a wedding earlier this year, and had their very first date at Lakewood park. A few months later, that same spot is where Corey proposed. This is the spot that has held so many firsts for the two of them, and I like to think it’s a place where they’ll someday bring their kids and tell them that this is where it all began.

Once we were nice & frozen, we headed to Lauren’s apartment, just a few blocks away. We put on her Josh Garrels record, and I watched them spend the morning together, like they had so many times before. Lauren’s apartment is filled with so many meaningful things. Her walls are decorated with the scriptures that mean the most to her and Corey. Scattered around, there are journals; their pages filled with her love story. Even though I had never been there, it felt like home.

“Take my hand, I won’t let go.
We’ve waited so long.

And all my life I walked alone
To you, my heart, my home.”


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