Birthday Boy.

Dear Stephen,

Today, on your birthday, I can’t help but think about all the birthdays we’ve spent together. Remember the time we all surprised you at the bowling alley and we ate that giant cupcake? I’ll never forget your face when you saw all of your favorite people in one room. I remember how we had to spend your 25th birthday apart because I had just gotten out of surgery. We weren’t quite married yet, but you drove 400 miles just to bring me my Valentine’s Day present, and had to go back just before your birthday. Then last year, we took that trip to Pittsburgh in the blizzard. It took us 4 hours, but we made it.

Every year that passes reminds me of the gift that I’ve been given. Being your wife is the stuff dreams are made of. I savor every morning reminder to be safe, and every “are you still doing okay?” text when I’m out later than I thought I’d be. It all shows me how deeply you care, and I promise never to take that for granted.

I love the way that you can’t wait until after work to open your gifts. I love the way that for one day a year, you’re a morning person. I love that your excitement is contagious. I love watching you discover new things you’re interested in. I love that you love our little kitty so much. I love that I get to call you my best friend.

And most of all, I love that we get to spend all the rest of our birthdays together.

Paul Stephen Roche, I’ll never ever grow tired of eating birthday pie with you.

ste (00173666xD83CC)photo by The Hursts

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