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The Streiff Family at Rockefeller Greenhouse

“You have my attention
Like you’ve had all the while
Since that first day when you made my heart smile
With loving eyes and tired sighs that flow

I’ll sing along, the whole day through
Just do your best to hear me
It’s all you can do
I’ll sing along, the whole night through

While you sleep safely
I’ll be thinking about you”


Thank you, Alison & Fritz, for letting me capture this sweet time in your family’s life.

Streiff Family-0001Streiff Family-0003Streiff Family-0007Streiff Family-0015Streiff Family-0009Streiff Family-0015Streiff Family-0011Streiff Family-0014Streiff Family-0022Streiff Family-0026Streiff Family-0027Streiff Family-0028

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