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Baby Burt – A Rocky River Maternity Session

My maternity session with Katie & Mike was filled with some perfect sunlight, calm water, and the sweet springtime air. What more could I ask for?

Burt Maternity-0003Burt Maternity-0002Burt Maternity-0001Burt Maternity-0005Burt Maternity-0004Burt Maternity-0006Burt Maternity-0007Burt Maternity-0009Untitled-1Burt Maternity-0010Burt Maternity-0013Burt Maternity-0014Burt Maternity-00162
Burt Maternity-0020Burt Maternity-0022Burt Maternity-00183Burt Maternity-0023Burt Maternity-0024Burt Maternity-0025Burt Maternity-0026Burt Maternity-0028Burt Maternity-0029Burt Maternity-0030Burt Maternity-0031Burt Maternity-0032Burt Maternity-0033Burt Maternity-0047Burt Maternity-0034Burt Maternity-0035Burt Maternity-0036Burt Maternity-0037Burt Maternity-0038Burt Maternity-0039Burt Maternity-0041Burt Maternity-0042Burt Maternity-0043Burt Maternity-0048Burt Maternity-0046

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Liz’s Avon Lake Maternity Session

“You know when I rise and when I fall
When I come or go, You see it all
You hung the stars and You move the sea,
And still You know me.”


Liz Maternity-0084Liz Maternity-0096Liz Maternity-0094Liz Maternity-00835Liz Maternity-00881Liz Maternity-00892Liz Maternity-0090Liz Maternity-00933Liz Maternity-00854Liz Maternity-0097Liz Maternity-0092Liz Maternity-00826Liz Maternity-0086Liz Maternity-0087Liz Maternity-0091Liz Maternity-0095Liz Maternity-0098Liz Maternity-0100

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