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Do you remember my friend, Natalie?

Natalie and I have been friends since High School. So when she told me she was starting her own Yoga business, I was so excited to help her out.

Last time we collaborated, she needed a few head shots and a few shots of her in action. This time was a different story.

Now’s the part where I let you in on a little secret of my embarrassing high school *past. I really loved watching America’s Next Top Model. Not for the modely stuff. or for Tyra, because I can definitely do without Tyra, but I loved loved loved the photoshoots. And my favorite photo from good old ANTM? This one.  As soon as i watched that episode, I knew I had to try it. And when I needed to find someone I could cover in paint, I knew just who to call. Natalie.

Now I’m going to do you a huge favor and not let you see those photos. Because I was just learning how to use a camera and they were terrible. But now that I know what I’m doing, we decided to try it again.






*I may or may not still catch a few episodes of ANTM every now and then.

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