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Dan & Britnie’s Heritage Barn Wedding

Not unlike most days this June, Dan & Britnie’s wedding day started out with some rain. Nothing constant, just a little here & there. But it was always the pretty kind. You know what I’m talking about. The sun’s still shining through the clouds. It still smells like summer in the air. And it’s almost as if the rain makes everything feel a little bit more real. I was so excited to hear that Britnie decided not to move their ceremony indoors! Something inside me just knew that everything was going to work out. The chairs were set up outside, the ground was slowly drying, and it was time for Britnie to walk down the aisle. I kid you not, just as she emerged from inside the barn, the sun decided to follow her. The weather could not have been more perfect for the rest of their day. Warm & cozy, with just the right breeze.

Also, I can’t talk about Dan & Britnie’s wedding day without telling you this: They know how to party.

Food trucks for the win! Not only did they have a macaroni & cheese bar, but they had (my favorite) ice cream truck show up. I think for the 2 minutes that hot fudge sunday was in my hand, I forgot where I was.

Dan & Britnie (& little Charlie), Congratulations! I hope that marriage is all that you dreamed it would be, and that every day would get just a little sweeter. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day. I hope these photos help you to remember each little moment of your wedding day. -Allison

Ps. A huge shout out to my second shooter, Jeff. He’s been working with me this summer, and doing a fantastic job. Some of the photos you see here are his.




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