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Prints & Products That Tell Your Story

Have you ever looked through your parents’ wedding album? There’s something so special about seeing where it all began. Comparing the dress you just bought to the one your mom wore 30 years ago. Or seeing old photos of your uncle with a moustache and your aunt in all her shoulder padded bridesmaid glory. Something about these photos brings it all back. I bet your dad can remember the funniest parts of his best man’s speech. Your mom can almost smell her bouquet again. Prints & albums have a way of recalling those memories that may otherwise be forgotten.

This is true for so many different parts of your life. Your family will never be the same as they are now. Your kids will grow older, and they’ll get haircuts and braces. They’ll grow taller than you and soon your sweet girl won’t fit into her polkadot dress anymore. These are the times to remember.
When I’m taking your photos, I’m thinking about all of these things.


The photos I take are meant to live longer than you do,

and if they live on a screen, that won’t happen.


Prints & products are an investment.

In your family.

In your love.

In your legacy.



Covered in an array of luxurious European fabrics, this book looks like a million bucks.

Your curated love story in 10 spreads.


10 spreads (20 pages) & your names on the cover.
Albums are 10×10.


Cover – Leather or linen (color options shown below).

The Process:

To begin the process of album design, just send me an email at hello@thislovelylight.com Once we’ve decided on leather or linen for the cover, I’ll ask for 5-10 of your favorite images from your wedding or session. From there, I’ll add in some of my favorites that help to tell your story. I’ll send you a mockup of your album, you can make one round of changes, and we’ll get it ordered.


The best time to order an album is within 6 months from the time you receive your gallery.

Once we’ve finalized our design, your album should arrive within 4-6 weeks.


10 x 10 Album
Leather | $475
Linen | $395

Add more spreads for just $18 per spread


Just the same as our classic album, but a little bit smaller.

(These are also perfect for portraits sessions.)

7 x 5 | 20 pages | Cover inscription


7 x 5 Parent Album
Leather | $345
Linen | $225

Add more spreads for just $10 per spread.


Stunning matte canvas, reclaimed wood, jute & copper accents.

The Process:

To order a Lagniappe Canvas, just send me an email at hello@thislovelylight.com.


11 x 14 | $185
16 x 20 |$235
24 x 36 | $345

Please inquire for additional sizes.




This stunning brass and glass box includes 100 of your favorite 5 x 7 prints from your wedding day or session.

Meant to sit on a coffee table or shelf, or as a family heirloom to be passed on for generations to come.



*Please note that there are only 20 fine art prints pictured in the box above.


Prints can be ordered individually through your gallery.
4 x 6 | $4
5 x 7 | $8
8 x 10 |$22
11 x 14 |$35
16 x 20 |$48

Please inquire for additional sizes.



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Brandie & Austin – A Cleveland Heights Engagement Session

This morning, I came down the stairs and rounded the corner to make some breakfast. But when my feet landed on the floor and my eyes towards the kitchen, I saw Stephen standing at the stove making his usual breakfast of bacon and eggs. Instead of joining him right away, I just stood from a distance. It was probably only 30 seconds or so, but that moment is one I’ll always hold tight. I realized I’ve been doing this a lot lately. It’s like the moments we spend together aren’t enough – like the only way I can truly soak him in is to step away and take myself out of the equation.

Today is our tenth Valentine’s day together and somewhere through the years, we’ve transitioned from spending a long weekend of snow tubing in the Poconos to an exciting afternoon of replacing the drain in our bathroom sink. But if I’m being totally honest, I’m so much more in love with the man who is fixing our drain tonight than the one who whisked me away a decade ago.


There are so many things I hope & pray for all my clients, but lately it’s been for the kind of love that makes you stop at the bottom of the stairs. When I spent that rainy January morning with Brandie & Austin, it was so clear to me that they’ve got it.

The way she looked at him. The way he held her.

They’ve just got it.

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Ashley & Ryan – A Ricciardi’s Tree Farm Wedding

2017 was a completely formative year for both me and my business. I began the year excited to meet new people, and create work that inspires me, but I was admittedly exhausted. I was still trying to catch up from a busy autumn season both with weddings and with my day job. I had such high hopes for the new year and the opportunities it would bring. Looking back a whole year later, I can confidently say that 2017 blew me away. Just 4 weeks into the year, Stephen and I fell in love, quite prematurely, with a house for sale. (Can someone point me to a support group for Zillow addiction?) In three short days, our lives went from content little apartment renters, to scared almost home owners. Two months laters, we moved into that house and have fallen more in love with it every day. I spent the summer shooting weddings, and trying to make our house a home, thinking that the biggest life changes for the year were behind us. Little did I know God had other plans. In October, I finally felt it was the right time to make the long awaited jump from a full time job with a photography business on the side to full time photographer. 367 days ago, I didn’t think I’d be blogging at 10am on a Wednesday, but here I am. I’m able to spend so much more time doing just what I love, and I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be. It’s easy to look back at a year and pick out all the bad things that happened. But for me, it was so much easier to do the opposite. 2017 was great but I have an even better feeling about 2018.

Last year, I shot more weddings than ever before and met some of the most awesome people. Ashley and Ryan were definitely no exception. This is one of those weddings that I looked forward to from the moment they booked me. I couldn’t wait. Their wedding day was one of the first truly cold days of the year. Thanks to some strategically placed hand warmers from my rock star of a second shooter, we made some cold weather magic together. It was truly the perfect way to close out my 2017 wedding season.

Ashley & Ryan, thanks so much for trusting me with your wedding day.

Makeup // Riley Gable
Hair Stylist // Megan Buchwalter
Florist // Wild Fox & Flower
DJ // Drop The Mic
Donuts // Brewnuts
Catering // Village Catering Company
Venue //
Ricciardi’s Tree Farm
Second Shooter // Mikayla Donaldson Some of the images you see are hers.

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Baby Carson – A Rocky River Lifestyle Newborn Session

“Sunshine, won’t you be my mother.
Sunshine, come and help me sing.

The shadow proves the sunshine.”

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Kimi & Tim – A Market Garden Brewery Wedding in Ohio City

When I begin asking most of my couples about the wedding they’re planning, I hear a lot about the colors they’ll use throughout their decor, or the cake they’re so excited to eat. I love wedding details, and I’m always so excited to see their vision come to life. But I often wonder if these picture perfect weddings we’re striving for have caused us to lose sight of the things that matter.

This is why I loved being a part of Kimi & Tim’s wedding so much. When we first began planning, they made it so clear that their wedding was about the two of them, and their sweet boys. They wanted to invite those who mean the most to them, and that’s all that mattered.

Good food. Good friends. Good time. 

Their wedding was so special. I got to watch as fiances became husband and wife, and two boys became brothers. We spent the afternoon together, wandering around Ohio City, and eventually made our way to the spot where they’d say their vows. I’m so honored to have been a part of their day.

You + your loved ones are what matter on your wedding day. I hope you find the prettiest dress and that you book the most beautiful venue, but most of all, I hope that you remember why this is all happening – because you found someone and fell in love.

Bride’s Dress // Radiant Bride
Makeup // Beauty Mark
Hair Stylist // Marco Alexzander
Spray Tan // Glow By Lather

Catering // Pogie’s
Venue // Market Garden Brewery Building

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Cait – A Rocky River Portrait Session

Earlier this year, Stephen and I bought a new house. It’s in a new neighborhood, outside of the city and the apartment that we had grown to love so very much. Our favorite part of that little apartment was the fact that it was a 3 minute drive to the Rocky River. Stephen loves to fish and we spent so many summer evenings on that lake together. He’d patiently wade the river, and I’d sit nearby with a book in my hand.

When Cait contacted me to schedule a session, she knew exactly where she wanted her photos taken – that same spot near the river where Stephen and I spent so many evenings together.

I love photographing other photographers. Cait recently transitioned her business from portrait work to product photography. We spent one of the last warm evenings of the year together taking photos of her for her brand new website. Am I allowed to say that we nailed it? Because we definitely did.

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Sarah & Spencer – An Oaks Lakeside Wedding at Chippewa Lake

“I’ve seen it come back, back, back and forth.
You hit the nail right on top of the head.
I know you’ve seen it all before.
But when it looks you in the eyes, it ain’t nothin’ you could say but that’s love.”


Bride’s Dress // La Blanca Bridal Boutique
Makeup // Moliscious
Hair Stylist // Bridal Hair by K
Florist // Precious Petals
Venue // The Oaks Lakeside at Chippewa Lake
Second Shooter // Marina Claire + Co.


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Evan & Sarah’s Windows on the River Wedding

“Like a river flows so surely to the sea,
Oh my darling so it goes, some things are meant to be.
So won’t you please just take my hand, and take my whole life too.
‘Cause I can’t help falling in love, in love with you.”

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Hannah & Irwin – A Mapleside Farms Solidarity Session

Photography has given me the chance to cross paths with so many wonderful people who I otherwise never would have met. I value that so very much. But there’s something extra special about being able to photograph old friends.

I’ve known Irwin since we were 13 years old, and Hannah just a few years shy of that. We went to different high schools, went to college a state apart and yet somehow now we find ourselves adults with real jobs and mortgages, living a mere 15 minute car ride away.

It’s funny how life works like that sometimes.

Hannah and Irwin have been married for 4 years now. They have a new home, and new walls to fill with memories together. In the middle of all the chaos that life has brought all of us lately, it was so good to spend an evening watching the sunset and listening to music with the two of them. When I look at these photos, I can’t help but think about how far we’ve all come. What would our 15 year old selves say about the way things are now. Did we ever think that we’d all be back together talking about having families and real, grown-up lives of our own?

I hope that these photos are the beginning of many memories to hang on their new walls – that one day these will be surrounded by photos of babies and school pictures, and that Hannah and Irwin will always remember to take a night to watch the sunset together.

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Bekah & Andrew – A Rocky River Maternity Session

“In open fields of wild flowers, she breathes the air and flies away.
She thanks her Jesus for the daisies and the roses in no simple language.

Someday she’ll understand the meaning of it all.”

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James – A Rocky River High School Senior Session

Can someone please tell me when seniors started looking like this? I don’t think you can find a picture of seventeen year old me where my lip isn’t stuck in my braces. That’s definitely not the case anymore.

So meet James. He’s a science loving, lacrosse playing senior at Rocky River High School. As soon as I met James, I knew our session would be great. He was so friendly and genuinely interested in our session. He asked about my camera and my process, and I got to explain to him how my prism works.

We started our session at the Cleveland Yacht Club. There was certainly no shortage of beautiful backdrops there. Then we finished at one of my favorite spots, Rocky River Park.

Here are some of my favorite images from my Rocky River Senior Portrait session with James.

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Stella & Shay Beauty Bar

I’ve had a long, hard struggle with my beauty routine. Ever since I can remember, it’s gone a little something like this.

Step 1: Get my hair cut at a brand new place my friend told me about.
Step 2: I’m not loving how it’s looking, but she’s not quite done yet so we still have time to save this!
Step 3: She’s done. Oh. no. She’s done.
Step 4: When asked what I think, I say “I love it!” and then I run away.
Fast forward 8 months, and we’re back at Step 1.

That was until I found Stella & Shay.

First of all, the place is GOR-GEOUS. Like can-I-bring-my-sleeping-bag-and-live-here gorgeous. Every detail was so well thought out. From the incredible pedicure bench to the sparkly chandeliers I got to stare out while my hair was getting washed. You know those scenes in all the 90’s Rom Coms where the nerdy girl is whisked away to the fancy salon where she gets a hair cut, takes her glasses off, and suddenly she’s pretty?! Well, those salons wish they were as cool as Stella & Shay.

The space was a dream to photograph, and the girls were all such a pleasure to work with. Now who wants to schedule a mani/pedi with me?

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